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2016 News and Events

Red Cedar Prayer Circle & the Si Si Wiss Shaker Medicine Society Choir: Thursday, Oct 6th, 8pm, Kulu


IPD 2016, Thursday 8pm at Kulu (after the Nevada City Opening Ceremony)

Prayer circle, (with Johnny Moses), is open to everyone. Bring a drum or rattle. Everyone is invited to participate in the singing and prayers. We will also be sharing a demonstration of our Si Si Wiss Shaker Medicine Society Choir . Folks can bring items that they might want to share on the altar to pray for their loved ones.


IPD 2016 Kulu Program Schedule Sat/Sun

2016-ipd-program-schedule-at-kulu  Schedule is subject to change.

Saturday, Oct 8th afternoon IPD program at Kulu

230 – 530pm: subject to change with the flow of the salmon

Ka Hale Hula O Pilialohaokalani O Hilo
Fred ‘Coyote’ Downey
John Keane
Wakan Waci Blindman
Donna Augustine
Joaquin Fioresi
Johnny Moses
Groupo Kallpulli Keutzallcoatl Ocelotl

2pm – 5pm Community Drum with Eli Painted Crow. All are welcome to sit at the drum!

Sunday, Oct 9th IPD Program at Kulu

9am – 530pm: subject to change

9am      Grayson Coney,
Chairman Don Ryberg, Fred ‘Coyote’ Downey
Marshall Merino
1020am Barbara Warren
11am     Women’s Circle – Women Walking in Two Worlds in a Balanced Way
1230pm Lawrence Laughing
Mary Ann Myers
Gary Christianson & Chris Jones
130pm Shining Woman & Friends
Patricia St.Onge & Alison Ehara-Brown
Anni McCann
230pm Descendants Circle
4pm     Ludi Hindrichs
Johnny Moses
Fred ‘Coyote’ Downey
530pm Richard Prout Memorial Dinner (potluck)


Nevada City IPD Opening – Thursday, Oct 6th, 6PM – New Location

This year, IPD has a new location for our Nevada City IPD Opening.  On Thursday, October 6th at 6PM, we will gather at Pata Panaka out at Burton Ranch, 16200 Lake Vera Purdon Rd off N Bloomfield Rd in Nevada City.  For those who remember, this is the tribal site where we used to hold Indigenous Peoples Days several years back.  Chairman Don Ryberg, spiritual counselor Fred ‘Coyote’ Downey,  and others will say a few words. Mother drum, Otsigeya will perform and Lawrence Laughing will lead us in a Round dance under the open sky.  We hope you can join together with us.

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