Indigenous Peoples Day

Youth Program – Multi-cultural experience

for 3rd to 6th Grade Classes

Thursday, October 5 or Friday, October 6, 2017

Tsi Akim Maidu Tribe in the Celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day

At Kulu Historical Salmon Fishing Village

TIME: 9 am to 2 pm     Thursday October 5th or Friday the 6th

(Location: 5390 Hwy 20, Sycamore Ranch, Browns Valley, CA on the Lower Yuba River)

Choose either Thursday or Friday Session


Planned Activities to learn about and interaction with Native Peoples:

1. The Importance of Salmon in the Lower Yuba River

2. Opening with Chairman Don Ryberg, Lloyd Powell, and Spiritual Elder “Coyote” Fred Downey

3. Maidu Storytelling and Songs with Marshall Merino, and Cultural Director Grayson Coney
Proposed Native Learning Centers for Classroom Sized Groups about:

a.) Ancient Native Harpoon and Hunting the Salmon in the Yuba River

b.) Maidu Culture & Language—greetings, names of local animals, song, drawing

c.) Indigenous Games

d)   Native Presenters from across North America

e)   Fire making, cordage, and hands on earth skills

f)   Salmon Cooking, Acorn processing

g)   Round Dance



Rick Berry or Katherine